China is located in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, the pit hospital Zhang Bian Xiang Bei Ying Cun Shan Zhou district. As an ancient and mysterious style houses, pits is rich in culture, is a national and even the world's only underground ancient residential buildings, known as the "Horizon of ancient villages, houses in the history of the living fossil", is one of China's unique four ancient buildings. "See the trees but not the village village, not real, people do not see the door, no one heard" is a true portrayal of it. The construction process of pit house is divided into four steps, can be simply summarized as popular "digging holes, down walls, chuanxuedaimao, decoration". To create art both with the Yin and Yang of traditional closely.

Kiln culture

​Into the opera house, the eyes are a face painting, Sheng Dan, net end ugly, interpretation of different opera life, take you into the world of opera, and appreciate the charm of opera. During the holidays, in the opera house, you can hear the local opera gongs - shanzhou. ​Pit house stands a huge corn thermometer, height of 8 meters, plus a 10 meters high, it can measure the pit hospital cave and cave temperature. The large corn thermometer has a ton of multiple, golden corn symbolizes prosperity, harvest a lot.

Ticketing policy

Full price tickets: 60 yuan/person: adult and height is 1.5 meters (not including 1.5 meters) of children; Discount: 30 yuan/people: 1, the age of 60 (60) - 69 (including 69 one full year of life) of the elderly The age of 2, 6 (excluding 6) to 18 (excluding 18) minors, full-time bachelor's degree and diploma Students (lean his valid id) 3, height 1.2 meters 1.2 meters (excluding) -1.5 meters 1.5 meters (excluding) the children The tickets have been sold. They are not resold. They are used on the same day. The ticket is not valid for the other paid project in the area;

About us

The shaanxi prefectures are the only underground ancient dwellings in the whole country and even the world, and are known as the ancient villages in the horizon, the living fossils of human cave dwellings and the earth The Beijing quadrangle... It is one of the four typical ancient dwellings in China. In 2005, the pothole was listed as a provincial cultural relic protection by henan wenyuan bureau In 2006, the care unit was named as a photographic creation base by Chinese art and photographers.

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